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Our mission is to chop Lemons & Limes… So you can focus on:

Serving drinks & Increasing sales!

64 Lime Wedges

Limes Wedges are the main cut style for cocktails.
Great for Mojitos, Corona & Tequila shots.

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Place your orders before 12pm* For “Next day” Delivery.
(*Applies to Manchester areas – Other locations delivery from 48h)

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Before we help you with your fruits prep, Let us introduce our team of experts

We have a dedicated team of experts who will help you get the right products prep and delivered on time to any of your locations. The will be with you for the long run and save you time and money.
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Work with the right Sales Account Manager in your Bar area or Event locations

Our network is growing fast and our expert acquire new customers everyday, checkout if we are in your area otherwise let us know and we will come to you.
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Trading Areas

Get started on your Easy Shift adventure.
Find out latest cocktail inspirations and diet tips to have a happy and easy way to work.

Didsbury Sports Ground

Ford Lane,
M20 2UG

Expo Lounge

766 Wilmslow Rd,
M20 2DR

Albert's Restaurant & Bar

120-122 Barlow Moor Rd,
M20 2PU

Our Product Categories

We will provide lime slices and other fresh fruits, in air tight containers or vacuum packed then delivered to your door or location of your choice… on a daily basis if required.
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- Every day Fresh -


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