Dry Ice – 16mm Pellets

Dry Ice – 16mm Pellets


Dry ice is extremely cold, plus it’s also cool!
Order dry ice to give a wow effect to your drinks or surroundings.

Disclaimer: Dry ice sublimates or makes the transition directly from frozen solid into carbon dioxide gas, therefor the Dry Ice will be delivered in a separate shipment

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Dry Ice – 16mm Pellets.


Once received, keep in a ventilated place but not fully sealed and consume within 48h.

Recycling info:

**This is NOT a recycle product!**
Average Lossesassuming box remains closed, no ice is used and it is kept in a cool, ventilated and shady location.

Net Contents:

The dry ice is kept in a closed insulated box varies considerably.

Box sizes (external mm L x W X H):

  • 7 and 10 kg 340 x 340 x 360
  • 15 kg 450 x 450 x 380
  • 20 to 30kg 500 x 560 x 420

Net Losses:

Average Losses assuming box remains closed, no ice is used and it is kept in a cool shady location. If the whole box can go in a freezer, these times will be extended.

Losses will be slightly lower for 16 mm pellets:

Box size Day 1 losses Day 2 losses Comments
7kg 2kg 2kg Ship Friday, probably gone by Monday night.
10kg 2kg 1.5kg Ship Friday, good for 5 kg Monday morning.
15kg 2kg 1.5kg Ship Friday, good for 10 kg Monday morning.
20kg 2kg 1.5kg Gives 14-15 kg on Monday.
25kg 2kg 1.5kg Gives 19 -20 kg on Monday.
30kg 2kg 1.5kg Gives 25 kg on Monday.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dry ice


Dry Ice Volume

5kg Ice Pellets, 7kg Ice Pellets, 10kg Ice Pellets, 15kg Ice Pellets, 20kg Ice Pellets, 25kg Ice Pellets, 30kg Ice Pellets


Keep in cold ventilated place, Consume within 2 days


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