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64 Lime Wedges

Limes Wedges are the main cut style for cocktails.
Great for Mojitos,
Corona & Tequila shots.

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The benefits of pre-cut fruits,
Browse and get the most neededed.

This is the easiest way to get lemons and limes delivered to your door stepp.
We will always select the best fruits for your drink mixers and cocktails.
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Our Best Selling Products

Our list of chopped citrus and fruits is growing every day by multiple requests, here you will find the most requested and best selling.
  • 32 Lime Wedges

  • 42 Lemon Half Slices

  • 20 Cucumber Slices

  • 96 Lime half Slices

  • 64 Lime Wedges

  • 20 Grapefruit Quarter Slices

  • 80 Lemon Half Slices

  • 20 Strawberries

  • 21 Orange Half Slices

  • 60 Cucumber Slices

  • 20 Grapefruit Half Slices

  • 20 Mint Stems & Leaves

  • 40 Orange Wedges

  • Fresh Pineapple Wedges

  • 576 Lime Half Slices

  • Sale!

    528 Half Slices Bundle

  • 288 Orange Half Slices

  • 480 Lemon Half Slices

  • 10 Fresh Passion Fruits

  • 32 Lemon Wedges

“The best lemons and limes chopped,
to your Bar or Event in just a few clicks”

We will do the hard work, which will help you focusing on other tasks
and get your staff making more drink overall to increase ROI.

– Every day Fresh –


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