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64 Lime Wedges

Limes Wedges are the main cut style for cocktails.
Great for Mojitos,
Corona & Tequila shots.

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Get your fruity infused water recipes
from your favourite Fitness Club

We take pride in what we do, cutting Lemons and Limes is not an easy job.
For the new year and all the fitness goer we have decided to prepare infused water recipes for you to drink while exercising.

“Chose your infused water recipe,
for whatever your need”

We have selected a long list of infused water recipes to suit every needs from Fruity infused water, Detox water, Weight Loss water to Workout infused water. Get yours delivered to your Fitness Club.
Cocktail bars drinks

Fruity Water

Fresh and fruity water just to give your water a better taste and a more refreshing flavour while exercising.
Night club cocktail drinks

Detox Water

Our Detox water recipes are for those who need a fresh start with their training and resolutions.
limes chopped chopper staff
lemon tea house

Weight Loss Water

Exercising is not always enough to lose weight as you will need a lot of water, why not take advantage of our recipes.
Event Bars cocktails and drinks

Workout Water

You working out few times a week and need a lot of fluids while pumping iron. we have recipes for you too.

No Mess, No Fuss and No Wastage

We have recipes to suit everybody, find yours and get it delivered to your gym.
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Our Recipes Categories

Browse our infused water recipes and find the right recipe for your fitness club.
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Find Your Local Fitness Club

Get started on your exercice routine.
Find out in which fitness clubse we deliver our fresh fruits for infused water.

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Jennifer Tullov

We use lemons & limes in our bar quite often. Great job, and so easy to use. I will definitely be ordering again!

Bar Manager

James Evrett

Our weekend nights became such a breeze, Who would of thought that such a product could make the difference? We will recommend you.

Bar/Restaurant Owner

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