Let us help you prevent the worst.

Our 100% silicone glass cover fits any glass and prevent any intrusion.
The cap is washable and reusable over a hundred times and can be fitted with a straw.
Cocktail bars drinks


Prevent any unwelcome intrusion of illicit substance in your drink.

Cocktail bars drinks


The glass cover will keep the liquid in the glass and prevent losing your drink.

Cocktail bars drinks


100% silicone offers flexibility, durability,  resistance and reusable over 100 times.

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From individual to retailers and wholesalers.
our silicone glass cover will reduce the risk chemicals spiking
and protect your party goers by protecting their drink.

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Discover Our Professional Offers

Find our drink covers in Bars, Night Clubs, Festivals, Universities, Councils and Events.
Our 100% silicone glass cover is here with you to reduce spiking and spilling risks.
Use our silicone glass covers to have a great night and stay safe.
Spread the word #antispikedcover #drinkwatchuk.

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Anti-spiked and Anti-spilled protection.

The caps is been manufactured for spiked or spilled prevention of your glass during parties or events. Our protection cap fit most glasses and protect your drink. Party goers using the silicone cap can rest assured to enjoy a drug spiked and spilled drinks during your fun night.

“The cap is 100% organic silicone stretchable”

Cocktail bars drinks
A micro hole to allow air to come in and offer a natural drink flow
Cocktail bars drinks
Multiple grooved lines to offer a better grip to the glass. The cap stay fixed in position and the glass is protected with no spilled.
Cocktail bars drinks
100% silicon food grade, the silicone is made to natural and organic product with no plastic.
Cocktail bars drinks
Not recommended and may be dangerous for children under 3 years old, we do not recommend to leave it in children’s hands.
limes chopped chopper staff
Cocktail bars drinks
Drink through the silicon micro straw or use a paper or metallic straw.
Cocktail bars drinks
There is two side flap on the cap to have a better handling to place it on the glass.
Cocktail bars drinks
The elasticity of the silicon offers a great mould to any glass and a durability.
Cocktail bars drinks
Made in France and without Bisphenol A (BPA Free).

Protect yourself to have more fun

Don’t wait any longer, get your cap and tell your friends.
Your security when you are out with friends is our goal.
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Our Featured Products

This is our best sellers caps in Bars, Night Clubs, Festivals, Student Unions, Councils and Events. Don’t wait any longer… Better safe than sorry to reduce the risks.
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Packaging & Quantities

Satisfaction guarantee!

Our product has been conditioned and manufactured to assure quality.
We have chosen a recycle paper packaging to our product to keep the recycle theme.
Our boxes dispenser are in recycle cardboard biodegradable, following the FSC.
The boxes are for retailers and for individual we have a little biodegradable sac or smaller box compostable.


We are here to fight the growing drink spiking in parties, Bars, Clubs and Festivals.
Our Solutions? Making sure nothing gets in or out of your glass

The tight seal on the glass with the cap allow to reduce all the risks. Drink Watch has developed a unique product in silicon that give a smoothness and flexibility. The cap stretch and stay fixed on the edge of any glasses which form a tight seal. This enclosure keep the drink in and any illegal substances to be mixed in your drink, the cap fit any standard glasses.


Who likes to spill their drink at a party?
Our Solutions? Making sure nothing gets out of your glass

The closure of the glass by the cap allow you to keep your liquid in the glass and avoid spill and splashes.


Our silicon caps are reusable!
We are aware of today party scenes, it is important for us to find the right product for party goers.

A unique format… Yes! For multiple usage and support glass, plastic, mug, cans and more…

Our product will be with our customer in the long run, the silicon make it highly resistant for over 100 use, if you follow the instructions.

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A small price to pay to get our product sample

and your customers safe.

Drink Watch

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