Our goal is to alleviate the burden of citrus preparation

At our core, we aim to streamline the process of preparing citrus for your drinks by employing effective techniques such as chopping, dehydrating, and juicing. By doing so, we enable you to focus on serving your customers delicious beverages while simultaneously boosting your sales.

“Make citrus preparation a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters most”

Our goal is to alleviate the burden of citrus preparation so that you can dedicate your attention to crafting delicious cocktails and boosting your sales. With our services, you can rest assured that you are receiving top-notch ingredients that have been processed with the utmost care and precision.
Cocktail bars drinks

Cocktail Bars

Cocktail bars can be very busy especially if you don’t have all your fruits prepped ready to be fast and make as many cocktails as possible.

Night club cocktail drinks

Night Clubs

In your night club, volume sales are important and the customers keep coming, so be ready for anything without wasting time.
restaurants soft drinks

Restaurant Bars

You have a medium bar with a busy restaurant and it’s non-stop. Between cleaning the bar, managing the cellar stock and serving, there’s not much time for the indispensable fruits prep.
limes chopped chopper staff
lemon tea house

Tea Houses

A more relaxed environment but your time is required for the presentation of classic herbal teas and the old fashioned glass of water with “that” slice of lemon.
Event Bars cocktails and drinks

Event Organisers

You organise events all year round and with your mobile bars it’s hard to always find the space to do your preparations for the day ahead.
Coffee shop lemon tea

Coffee Shops...

You might not need lemon for coffee but the occasional herbal tea drinker might say otherwise. What a step up to provide a freshly cut slice of lemon.

Providing your customers with delicious drinks.

and growing your sales. Let us take care of the rest!
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Our Product Categories

We will provide lime slices and other fresh products, air tight or vacuum packed and delivered to your door on a daily basis if needed.
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Trading Areas

Get started on your Easy Shift adventure.
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Get started on your Easy Shift adventure. Find out latest cocktail inspirations and diet tips based on lemons and limes so you can have a happy and easy way to work.
All the good in limes

All the good in limes

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Russell H.

We have a small demand of Limes Chopped products, but the quality and packaging helped us enhance our cocktail bar and focus on other part for our events.

Sports Club Manager/Event Venue

Jennifer Tullov

We use lemons & limes in our bar quite often. Great job, and so easy to use. I will definitely be ordering again!

Bar Manager

James Evrett

Our weekend nights became such a breeze, Who would of thought that such a product could make the difference? We will recommend you.

Bar/Restaurant Owner

Deal of the Month

We bring containers of Easy Life brilliance to your door

Fresh Mint Stems & Leaves

Our fresh mint is all prep for your bar to operate. We will pluck out the base leaves for your cocktail and give you the stems with 3 layers of leaves to decorate the cocktail. What you need to do is take them out of the container and make cocktails.

Our Wonder Team

Our brilliant choppers of lemons and limes believe in the mantra ‘Quality is the essence’.
Each of them put them all into Hygiene, Quality, Consistency and Reliability for the best taste possible.


Manager Chopper

Team Manager and hygiene expert.


Assistant Chopper

Assistant Manager and great at what she does.


Head Chopper

Our Top chopper. The secret weapon of the team.

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