Our Story

We are a team of hard-working people with over 15 years’ experience behind bars, cutting lemon&lime and other fruits for drinks and cocktails.

We all came up with this concept one Christmas night working hard at preparing lemons and limes (and other fruits) for our annual event in Manchester Central.

It is a simple concept but very useful for bars, restaurants and events.

Inspired by that Christmas night experience, we have now decided to put our idea into practice around the Manchester area.

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Who’s using Lemon & Lime?

Did you know that 95% of the drinks in a bar or restaurant require lemon&lime slices as a garnish? This two fruit are also used to make the difference between a regular mixer (Coca-Cola, Tonic or Lemonade) and a diet mixer.
Let’s not forget the trend of cocktail bars with a need for a large amount of fruits to prep on a daily basis. Lemon half slices, Lime half slices, Lemon wedge, Cut Orange, Strawberries are just some basic examples of garnish used for your favourite drinks.

What we do is helping bars, tea and coffee house, event organisers, festivals to get the right amount of fruits prep and prevent wastage, which could save them a lot of money within the course of the year. Our concept will help your bar staff to save time and be more focused on preparing and serving customers favourite lemon drink and cocktails.

  • Bars & Clubs 90% 90%
  • Restaurants 70% 70%
  • Pubs & Private Parties 60% 60%
  • Tea & Coffee Houses 77% 77%
  • Events & Festivals 85% 85%

Meet the team

Besides loving to cut lemons and limes, our dedicated team will help your experience with Limes Chopped Ltd to be more lucrative and efficient. Our growing team based in the heart of Manchester is ready to answer all your questions or enquiries.

Johann C.

Johann C.

Project Manager

Entrepreneur with a keen eye for details and a little bit of OCD.
Alice K.

Alice K.

Account Manager

A visionary partner who shares the dream and gets quality results.
Chintaikh U.

Chintaikh U.

Admin & Accounts

A perfectionist in her admin role and a great balance to the business.

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