The benefits of Fresh cold press juice, dehydrated citrus and pre-cut fruits.

This is the easiest way to get your juices, dehydrated and fresh citrus delivered to your door step. We will always select the best fruits for your drinks and cocktail garnish.

“The best Natural Juices & Fresh citrus,
for your Bar or Event in just a few clicks”

We will do the hard work, which will help you focusing on other tasks
and get your staff making more drink overall to increase ROI.
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Fresh Citrus

Our fresh citrus can be cut in few different ways, Lemon half slices is our most popular one, Lime Wedges for your drink mixers, Oranges half slices getting popularity with the rise of new cocktails and Gins.

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Cold Press Juices

Our fresh cold press juices are 100% natural. they will enhance your cocktails flavour for your bar or events.

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Pure Lime Purée - 1kg

Dehydrated Citrus

Our fresh lemons & Limes dehydrated wheels are most requested by cocktail bars to be used for cocktail garnishes.

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Funkin Pro Puree

 Our new Funkinn Pro puree flavours to perfect your cocktails can be purchase by the box of 5 purees.

Save money, Save time and No Wastage

Don’t wait any longer, browse our variety of fruits and cuts
and be part of the new trend of fresh products coming your way.
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Our Product Categories

We will provide lime slices and other fresh fruits, in air tight containers or vacuum packed then delivered to your door or location of your choice... on a daily basis if required.
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Deal of the Month

We bring containers of Easy Life brilliance to your door.

250 Dehydrated Pineapple Quarters

Gorgeous 250 dehydrated pineapple quarters will look great on a cocktail garnish.
Our slices are perfectly cut to give a uniform look to your cocktails as standard.
Dehydrated pineapple quarters are packaged in a sealed bag with “Desiccant Silica Gel” bags for more freshness.

Pure Pineapple Juice - 500ml

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