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Here are some common questions about Limes Chopped Ltd concept and services.
And remember to make money by selling drinks and let us chopping lime or lemon for you!
Lime or Lemon
What do I need to know about lime or lemon?
Lime or lemon is from the same citrus fruit family, rich in vitamin C but different in colour. Lime is green and smaller, whereas lemon is yellow and big in size. Despite the difference in flavour, colour and size; lemons and limes have the same nutritional benefits and are low in calories.
Lemons and limes hold an important place in adding to the drinks and cocktails in the form of simple syrup. If you are very passionate and a professional in designing a drink or a cocktail, you need to know the consistency of citric acid in lemons and limes based upon which you can add it to the cocktail to enjoy the taste.
How long do Lime, Orange and Lemon slices last once cut?
Cut lime, orange and lemon slices last for a day or 2-3 days if refrigerated. However, remember that orange, lemons and limes, like a lot of other fresh fruits, usually do not have a use by date or best before the date so you will have to use the time purchased. You will receive our lemons and limes in a container labelled with the time they were cut and packed. This date can be used to calculate the eat by date.
Tip: Use soda water to keep them fresh throughout the day (on a dry day).
Will lemon slice, lime wedge or orange segment stay fresh in a fridge?
If you want your lemons slice, lime wedge or orange segment keep fresh longer you can store them into your refrigerator drawer so that they will last for 2-3 days. Once oranges, lemons and limes are prepared or cut, they should be stored in a tightly closed container to keep out moisture and other contaminants.


Do I need to register my company?
Yes, we need every company to register for record purposes. It will be best for us to collect your details as we will be able to send you future promotions and faster delivery whether it is lime, orange and lemon slices, a lime wedge and a lemon wedge or an orange segment. Follow this link to register your company today and get started.
How can I start ordering orange, lime or lemon?
Starting ordering is very simple and straightforward. After your registration, you will be able to login and go to our shop and select the products you will need for your purposes: lime or lemon, lime, orange and lemon slices, lime wedge, lemon wedge, orange segment or another chopped fruits and vegetables.
You can start by requesting a sample to see how great our products are, then through our categories select what you require and choose a great value bundle of products.
How do I get started?
To get started just ask for a sample of our lime or lemon slice and wedge or our orange segment. Then if satisfied you can purchase what you need the most of for your bar or event. See our most popular products to start with and benefit from our promotions:

We offer these products in various packaged sizes (500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml containers).

How many pieces of lime or lemon do I need per shift?
The number of pieces of lime or lemon will depend on the kind of drinks you offer and how many of them you sell on a typical shift. We package our products in different size containers for different types of needs from 500 ml to 1000 ml containers.
We can help you figure it out by calculating your stock of beer bottles (needed for lime wedge) or the volume of cocktails sold on a shift. We will start by providing a specific amount that can last 2-3 days if refrigerated then you should know the average number of pieces needed.
Orders Process
How often do I need to order lime or lemon?
Order recurrence depends solely on your needs, and there is no minimum order volume whether it is lime, orange and lemon slices, a lime wedge and a lemon wedge or an orange segment. However, every time you’re out of stock, we’re proud to be your periodic provider of lemons&limes and more.
What's the minimum order quantity of lime or lemon?
There is no minimum order of lime, orange and lemon slices, lime wedge, lemon wedge, orange segment or another cut fruits and vegetables. We can deliver as little as one container if that is what you need it. We provide for small and large bars and restaurants around Manchester, even large annual events.
However, in our discounting process, the more containers ordered, the bigger the discount will be (from 5-15%).
What's the minimum order amount?
As there is no order minimum, your minimum amount will be the price of our cheapest container once. So, you can order just one packet or more packets of fresh lime, orange and lemon slices, lime wedge, lemon wedge or orange segment, depending on your needs.
How do I make repeat orders?
On our system, you can go to your account profile and see all your purchases made. For example, you can see how many orange and lemon slices (or other fruits) did you ordered then you can click on the product you wish to re-order and voila!
Also, we can set up a manual daily sale if you wish to be delivered to you on a regular basis (e.g. coffee house) with a specific order. In this case, we’ll invoice you for the next week of delivery in advance.


How will my lime or lemon be delivered?
We have our delivery system provided by local drivers in cars, push bikes and vans depending on the delivery location and quantities. We assure you that your lime or lemon slices and wedges and all the chopped fruits you ordered will arrive at you in time.
What's your standard delivery time for lime or lemon?
Our standard delivery time is 24 hours from purchase, but we also offer quicker delivery as we can produce and deliver any quantity of lime, orange and lemon slice or other cut fruits within 12 hours.
So in the process, we can deliver next day with an increase of 25% of your total purchase cost. Equally, we could provide on the same day with a rise of 50% of your total purchase cost.
To be sure that you receive your product on time, we will require you when checking out your order to make sure that you specify how fast you want your delivery.
Can I get same day delivery?
Yes, we provide same day delivery with an increase of 50% of your total order cost through the check out.
We only deliver Monday to Friday between 9am and 8pm and Saturday between 9am and 9pm.
Can I pick up my products?
NO, not as of yet.
We do not offer our clients the possibility to come to our premise to purchase their lime or lemon or any other products, but in the near future, we look forward to making this option available.
Can you deliver Nationally?
We deliver outside of Manchester at the present time but if necessary we can only do a special delivery. In this case, we will require 24 hours for delivery completion so we can prepare your orange and lemon slices, lemon wedge, orange segment or any chopped fruit and vegetable you need.
We will be offering delivery to all major cities in England soon.


When do I pay for my lime or lemon?
Usually, we require the full amount at the time of purchase via BACs. However, if paying cash on delivery, there will be an increase in the total charge by 5% of your order total, no matter if you choose to buy one container of our lime or lemon slices and wedges or more.
What are your payment options?
However you ordered limes, orange and lemon slices or wedges, at this time, we can only take payments online or cash on delivery, here are our options:

  • Cash on delivery
  • BACS (Bank transfer)
  • Paypal
Can I pay on delivery?
Yes, you can pay our delivery man on arrival with your lime or lemon (or other chopped fruits you ordered). If you choose this option, a receipt will be sent to you when the driver comes back to the office.


If I don't like a product(s), can I return it/them?
Yes, we accept returns of lime, orange and lemon slices or wedges (and all our products) but this needs to be within 6 hours of delivery. Also, for your order return to being accepted, you have to provide us with a reason via email or through our contact form.
How are the fruits stored?
We do not store our lime or lemon as their lifespan is very short and we want to provide you with the best product and flavour as possible.
Our lemons and limes are freshly cut day by day, the same way you would do it in your establishment.
What happens to the containers after we use them?
Well, the empty containers are yours, but you still have few options:

  1. You can bin them (please recycle).
  2. You can use them for your purposes (kitchen, food storage). They are microwave and dishwasher safe.
  3. Alternatively, after your containers of lime or lemon is empty, you can give them back to us, and we will wash them and re-use them for your next order. A 5% discount will be attached to your invoice.

The choice is yours.

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