Our Clients List

Because they have many fruits for cutting every day, they gave us their Trust to take care of their Prep.

Companies that let us take care of their fruits

Most of our clientele is Event organisers, Sports’ Clubs Bar, Restaurants’ Bar, Cocktail Bars, Night Clubs and Coffee Shops who need fruits for cutting for their prep: lemon garnish for drinks, fruits cut in half or fruit slice.
We are proud to have these clients in our roster and help them to be more productive in their day to day tasks.
If what we do is what you need, we will be happy to have you on our list too.

Events & Mobile Bars

Being on the go, Events & Mobile Bars had to be prepared all the time with fresh fruit slice for Cocktails and lemon garnish for drinks. For this, they gave us their trust to take care of their Prep.

Sport Clubs & Festivals Bar

Sports Clubs and Festivals Bar is about socialising and making new friends with the same passions as you and for this are the bars. However, they are in need of fruit slice for cocktails or lemon garnish for drinks, Sports Clubs Bars & Festivals Bars count on us to handle their preps.

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Restaurants & Coffee Shops are very active and busy all day. They trust us to take care of their fruits for cutting, so their staff be more pro-active in other important daily tasks.

Cocktail Bars

For preparing their drinks mixers, Cocktail Bars use different fruits cut in half or just a fruit slice as garnish. For that, they need us to handle their fruits for cutting.

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