The benefits of pre-cut fruits,
Browse and get the most neededed.

This is the easiest way to get lemons and limes delivered to your door stepp.
We will always select the best fruits for your drink mixers and cocktails.

“The best lemons and limes chopped,
to your Bar or Event in just a few clicks”

We will do the hard work, which will help you focusing on other tasks
and get your staff making more drink overall to increase ROI.
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Fresh Lemons

Our fresh lemons can be cut in few different ways, Lemon half slices is our most popular one, Lemon slices for the Tea houses, Lemon wedges for restaurants and catering events
Night club cocktail drinks

Fresh Oranges

Our fresh Oranges are getting popularity with the new rise of New cocktails and Gins, a whole Orange slice or Orange wedges for sports events.
Night club cocktail drinks

Fresh Strawberries

Our fresh Strawberries are one of the most delicate fruit in a bar. We will get them freshly cut in Strawberry half slices or Strawberry quarter slices ready for your cocktails or your lush deserts.
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Fresh Limes

Our fresh Limes are most requested by cocktail bars, to be used in Lime Wedges, Lime half slices for your drink mixers and Lime slices for deserts and decorations
Event Bars cocktails and drinks

Fresh Grapefruit

Our fresh Grapefruit cut in Grapefruit quarter slices fit well in Gins or the Grapefruit half slices for the creative cocktails made to henhance new flavours.
Event Bars cocktails and drinks

Fresh Passion Fruit

Our fresh Passion Fruit is the new kid on the block. We will get it ready cut in half Passion Fruit for your most popular cocktails or ready for you to spoon out its content in a desert or drink.

Save money, Save time and No Wastage

Don’t wait any longer, browse our variety of fruits and cuts
and be part of the new trend of fresh products coming your way.
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Our Product Categories

We will provide lime slices and other fresh fruits, in air tight containers or vacuum packed then delivered to your door or location of your choice… on a daily basis if required.
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Deal of the Month

We have something for you to try, this is our best seller.

Orange Juice – 1 Litre


This juice is as pure as it gets without adding any sweeteners, no-added flavour, colouring or preservatives. We make our juices on the delivery day for optimum freshness and flavour.








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