Brazilian Lemonade

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This is a great time for new drinks with or without alcohol.
Coming straight from Brazil, we present you with this refreshing cocktail that will make you feel on holiday… again.

brazilian lemonade

Brazilian Summer

Summer is everything, and this year we have been bless with a decent weather. I can see people living their week life as if it was holiday times.
Bars, Pubs and Cocktail bars are packed and people are sipping nice drinks on the terrace or outside under the glorious sun.
So I say this is the time for a Brazilian Lemonade with couple of slices of lime which can be mixed with white rum for the most adventurous (drink responsively), but beware of this lovely and refreshing drink… The Rum will give it a kick.

Brazilian Limonade

“I never understood why the call it a lemonade… there is no lemons in it!”
Well clearly there was no much thought behind the name but it is a great drink.


4 x Limes

Baking & spices:
1 x cup Sugar

6 x tbsp Condensed milk, sweetened

6 x cups Water


brazilian lemonade

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