32 Lime Wedges

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Our delicious Limes wedges are a taste of the tropics. In cocktails or drinks, they always give that subtle and beautiful taste.
Cut Type: Wedges
Quantity: 32 (approx.)
Container: Plastic recyclable
Life cycle: 3 days
Storage: Refrigerated until use

As a key ingredient in countless cocktails, limes certainly have an argument to be the most important citrus fruit in the cocktail biz, and probably the most refreshing.

Fresh Juice vs. Bottled Juice

Let’s make this clear, fresh is almost always better than pre-packaged juice. That also goes for pre-packaged juice, the fresher, the better. Fresher juice offers a much better zip does a better job tying together cocktails. Like any produce, the global agricultural market makes citrus available pretty much any time of the year, but make no mistake, winter is when they’re generally tasting the best. A firm peel with a little give and feels heavy for how big it looks are the prime indicators the fruit is ideal. And when we say fresh, we mean fresh.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

Keep Refrigerated, Consume within 3 days






Vacuum Packed, 500ml Container

Product Code: LIM-32W Category: Tags: , ,

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