384 Lime half Slices

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Our delicious Limes wedges are a taste of the tropics.
In cocktails or drinks, they always give that subtle and beautiful taste.

  • Cut Type: Half Slices
  • Quantity: 384 (approx.)
  • Container: Recyclable Vacuum Pack
  • Life cycle: 3 days
  • Storage: Refrigerated until use
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Product Code: PROMO-LIM-96HS Categories: , , Tags: , ,

Product Description

Every great cocktail and mixer deserves a great garnish. Beyond just making for beautiful presentation, garnishes are often used to add subtle flavours to a drink that can’t be achieved by simply adding another ingredient to the mix.

Choosing the Right Garnish

Most cocktail recipes will recommend the type of citrus to use. If it does not, simply choose one that complements the drink.
For some cocktails or mixers the cut or shape of the citrus is more important than the garnish itself.
the half slice of lime is a great fit for tall mixers and rum cocktails.

Additional information

Weight 1200 g



Vacuum Packed


Read instruction on packaging, Keep Refrigerated, Consume within 2 days

Product Code: PROMO-LIM-96HS Categories: , , Tags: , ,

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