80 Lemon Half Slices

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Fresh Lemon Half Slices

We don’t sale lemons, we provide a service that will help your bar.
We chop lemons into half slices and package them in containers or vacuum pack them for optimum freshness.

Quantity: 80 (approx.)
Cut Type: Half Slices
Volume: 500g
Container: Plastic recyclable
Life cycle: 3 days
Storage: Keep refrigerated until use

Product Code: LEM-80HS Category: Tags: , ,
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60 Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is a refreshing and versatile vegetable that is often used in mixology and cocktails. Its distinct crisp and cool flavour pairs well with a variety of spirits, making it a popular ingredient in both classic and modern drinks. Your strawberries will always be kept refrigerated and packed with ice packed for transport.

180 Lime half Slices

Our Recommendation
  • Container: Plastic recyclable Bag
  • Life cycle: 3 days
  • Storage: Open on arrival and Keep refrigerated until use
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Product Code: LEM-80HS Category: Tags: , ,

Product Description

The most essential citrus in a cocktail bar or in the industry has to be the lemon slices.
You may not need the benefits of the lemon slice in you drink as it is just a cocktail or mixer but on a glass of water or soft drink it can bring more flavour to the drink.
The chance of cross contamination in a bar are high as it will have to relly on the bar ustencils and the bartender hygiene, at Limes Chopped we only cut citruses and fruits and have a high level of hygiene security.
Your lemon slices will always be kept refrigerated and packed with ice packed for transpport.

Lemon Half Slices for Mixers

The lemon half slices are a great garnish for your cocktails or mixers and even your natural water.

Product Code: LEM-80HS Category: Tags: , ,

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